Keynote Talks

July 2019 - Invited Keynote, Smart Cities conference in Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam. Smart City Melbourne. Organised by City Department of Planning and Architecture HCMC and Swinburne University, supported by DFAT

September 2018 - Invited Keynote, CRUSH 2018, The Grape and Wine Science Symposium – Waite Institute, South Australia, Understanding Consumer’s Wine Tourism Experience for Designing Engaging Digital Interactions

Invited Talks

May 2023 - Invited Panel Member, Melbourne Design Week, Shifting Gears, Newpath, The Adapting Role of the Designer In an Ever-chaning Industry – Past, Present and Future

April 2023 - Invited Speaker, HCC Forum, Research Through Designing Digital Interactions, Human Computer Interaction Group, University of Salzburg.

November 2022 - Podcast Interview, What Is The Future For Cities? Podcast Series, The city as an urban interaction design platform, 11/15/092r_the-city-as-an-urban-interaction-design-platform/

November 2019 - Invited Speaker, IRS International Web-conference, On-/Offline Interferences: Digitalisation and Socio-Spatial Transformations, Design of Spaces with People Centred Interactive Technologies, Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space, Germany (online)

October 2019 - Invited Speaker, CXI I2 Innovation Workshop, Placemaking for Customer Experience, CXI Research Group and Design Factory, Swinburne Center

October 2019 - Invited Speaker, SensiLab Forum, Kitchen Stories: Designing for Interactions in Domestic Spaces, Monash University

March 2019 - Invited Speaker, UX Design Group of Melbourne on Making the career jump - from "X" to "UX” at Oakton Data Company, Melbourne

June 2018 - Invited Speaker, IFITT Workshop, International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism, Workshop on Digital Marketing and Innovation in Tourism, University of South Australia, Transitory Search for Interaction Design of Mobile Tourist Guides

June 2018 - Invited Speaker, International Wine Makers Symposium, Centre for Tourism and Leisure, University of South Australia, Interaction Design and Wine

May 2018 - Invited Speaker, Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management Research Symposium, Council for Australasian Tourism and Hospitality Education, New Methodologies for Studying Tourism Experiences, University of South Australia, Design Ethnography Understanding Wine Tourism Experiences: Implications for Designing Technology Interaction

December 2018 - Invited Panel Member, OZCHI2014 Conference, Sydney, Designing Futures: The Future of Design, Chair: Tuck Leong, Panel Members: Professor Pelle Ehn, Dr Anne Light, Professor Marcus Foth

April 2014 - Invited Presenter, Smart Cities and Big Data Research Workshop – Aarhus University, The Chameleon City: Digital Urban Ambience

November 2006 - Invited Panel Member, OZCHI2006 Conference, Sydney, Doing Design Research, Chair: Professor Toni Robertson, Panel Members: Professor Bill Gaver, Professor Margot Brereton, Mr John Murphy

Public Presentations

March 2021 - Chair, Interactive Public Forum at MPavilion, Parkade, Collins St, Melbourne - The Future of Social Spaces, Panel members: A/Professor Sean Gallagher, A/Professor Sonja Pedell, A/Prof Flavia Marcello, Dr Gregory Quinn, Ms Bridgette Engeler

December 2019 - Panel Chair and Organiser, Public Forum at MPavilion, Botanic Gardens, Melbourne - Imaging Future Cities by Connecting with Past Visions, Panel members: A/Prof Flavia Marcello, Dr Ian Woodcock, Dr Daniel Golding

November 2019 - Panel Chair, Public Forum at MPavilion, Botanic Gardens, Melbourne - Digital Identities in the Smart City – Fact or Fiction?, Panel members: Ms Bridgette Engeler and Joseph Voros, Swinburne University; John Phillips, 460degree consulting

November 2019 - Panel Chair, Public Forum at MPavilion, Botanic Gardens, Melbourne - Designing Better Lives: people’s lived experience prompting change, Panel members: Social Commentator - Nicholas Gruen, Professor Simone Taffe, A/Prof Chris Fluke

May 2019 - Panel Member, Melbourne Knowledge Week Public Event, City of Melbourne Kitchen Actants. Exhibition and Panel. Digital Exhibition of kitchens in the media, and future kitchen visions. With: Kirsten Day, Bridgette Engeler, Mark Taylor

December 2018 - Chair, Public Forum at MPavilion, Botanic Gardens, Melbourne - In Conversation with Elizabeth Churchill of Google USA, Speaker: Dr Elizabeth Churchill, Google, USA

November 2018 - Panel Chair, Public Forum at MPavilion, Botanic Gardens, Melbourne - Digital Media And Social Innovation’ With Carlo Ratti And Rob Adams, Speakers: Professor Carlo Ratti, MIT; Professor Rob Adams, AM, City of Melbourne

October 2018 - Public Talk, Boroondara City Council, “What If - Unique Ideas from University to Community” series, What if accessing online government services was easy and fun?, at Hawthorn Community Precinct

November 2017 - Chair and Organiser, Public Forum at MPavilion, Botanic Gardens, Melbourne - Augmenting People with Emerging Technologies. With: Professor Yvonne Rogers, UCL, UK. Speakers: Mathilde Marengo, IAAC, Barcelona; Professor Mark Burry AO, Swinburne; Professor Frank Vetere, University of Melbourne; Professor Kim Vincs and Professor Emeritus Leon Sterling, Swinburne

August 2017 - Panel Chair and Organiser, Public Forum at Hawthorn Town Hall – Designing Our Digital Futures. Speakers: Professor Paul Dourish, UC AIrvine, USA; Professor Sarah Pink, RMIT, Panel members: Professor Jane Burry and A/Prof Kurt Seemann, Swinburne; Mr John Murphy, Design4Use

July 2015 - Speaker, MERIT Visiting Scholar Public Seminar, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Social Natural User Interfaces and Health

November 2013 - Invited International Speaker, Public Seminar, Faculty of Science & Engineering, Queensland University of Technology, Cooking Together: A Digital Ethnography on YouTube

Academic Seminars & Demonstrations

April 2023 - Presenter, Workshop, AI as the Facilitator of Creativity in Idea Generation Groups. Proceedings of the 2020 ACM Compute-Human Interaction Conference, CHI2023 “Integrating AI in Human-Human Collaborative Ideation”, Hamburg, Germany.

July 2020 - Presenter, Workshop More-Than-Human Design and AI. Proceedings of the 2020 ACM Designing Interactive Systems Conference, DIS2020 “More than Human Centred Design” – Virtual Conference

May 2020 - Panel Chair, CHI Down Under Online Conference. COVID - Communicating Over Video to Inform Design, Panel members: Prof. Margot Brereton, Prof. Patrick Olivier, Dr. Mr Oliver Weidlich, Ms Donna Spencer, Dr Jeremy Yuille. Marcello, Dr Ian Woodcock, Dr Daniel Golding

November 2018 - Demonstrator, Virtual Pavilion VR Experience. 7th Mobile Innovation Network Association Symposium, MINA2018 – Smart Storytelling, Innovation Precinct, Swinburne, Virtual Pavilion

October 2018 - Presenter, Soapbox on Agile Ageing A user-friendly and fun way for older adults to access necessary online government services, Collaboration and Partnerships, Swinburne

July 2017 - Presenter, Innovation Precinct Launch Camp – Design Factory Melbourne, Swinburne University, Interaction Design: User-Centred Design

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